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Birthday Card for a Loved One


I come from a very large family. My mother is the youngest of twelve children, so you can only imagine how many cousins I have (about 35 if you were wondering). Anyway, my Grandmother celebrated her 95th birthday a couple of weekends ago, and we had a huge party to celebrate!

The Cousins
Grammy and (most of) her grandchildren

95 is of course quite the accomplishment! To make the evening extra special, one of my aunts had the amazing idea to try and get 95 birthday cards together for my grandmother. She took to Facebook to advertise the idea, and of course the post got shared around. People from all over the world sent birthday cards to my Grammy.

My aunt was able to present the grand total of over 110 cards to my grandmother at the party. Here a few of her grandchildren are attempting to display the cards for a photo. We couldn’t get them all in the picture. Needless to say, my Grammy will spend many days reading through those cards.


When I heard about this amazing idea, I had to send in a card myself! And as I was sure that she would have plenty of store-bought cards mailed in, I wanted to make one specially for her. I feel that hand-made cards have a certain flair to them, that make them a joy to receive, and I wanted my Grammy to feel extra-special on this impressive milestone.

This is the card that I ended up making for her. It’s simple, fun, and still really pretty. And of course filled with a heart-warming message from yours truly. Let me walk you through the steps, so you can hopefully discover some inspiration for your own card making experiences.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this card I used

  • 1 page beige card stock (or any other colour for the base)
  • scraps of coloured paper (paint chips (free at your local hardware store) are great for this)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue
  • Black Marker

Most of this you probably have lying around the house already.


Step 2: Take the Scissors to the Paper

Grab a hole punch and go to work on that scrap paper! I made about 15 circles in three different colours.

Then draw two balloons onto two different colours of scrap paper. Cut these out and glue together, leaving an outline of one balloon to give a neat 3D effect.

Finally, in the same colours that were used for the balloons, cut out two rectangles, making one larger than the other. Glue these together, leaving an equal border on each side of the smaller rectangle.

Step 3: Assemble the Card

Fold the base card stock into thirds. Using a black marker draw squiggly lines from about 1/4 from the top of the page down to the bottom. Then glue the balloons over top of the lines, ensuring that the bottom of the balloon lines up with the string. Glue the dots from the hole punch all around the balloons, mixing the colours up sufficiently.

Finish by gluing the rectangles to the bottom of the paper, and writing your birthday greeting.

This card is simple, and very easy to make. Would be a great craft to make with little ones, because who doesn’t love playing with a hole punch?


Hope you enjoyed this card idea, and as always,

Keep Crafting,

~ Mary

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