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Delivery by Owl

Hey everyone!

I have my final post about my Marauder’s Map Birthday Card for you today. This will be a brief post about how I managed to have the card delivered by owl post. Okay, perhaps it was not a real owl, but the effect was still pretty cool for any Harry Potter fan.

Anyone who has read Harry Potter (or even watched the movies) knows that wizards deliver their mail by owl post. Harry, of course, owns a particularly unique snowy owl that is sure to stand out. Her name is Hedwig, and she is instantly recognizable as  the most important owl in the series.

After browsing ideas on Pinterest (yes, I am definitely on Pinterest! Find me here) I came across this idea several times and thought it was so cute! I decided to make it for myself, using my own design and clever little paper clip trick to attach it to the card.

Read below to see how I managed to deliver my card using traditional owl post.

Step 1: Gather Materials

My owl did not require many materials. The only things I used were:

  • a large white balloon (or brown if you fancy sending a handsome tawny owl)
  • a black sharpie
  • a large paper-clip

And that’s it! Surely you have these things on hand at home.

Step 1: Draw Hedwig

Blow the balloon up to the desired size of your owl. Ideally I would have filled the balloon with helium, to make Hedwig really fly, however using regular air will do just as well.


With the black marker, draw an owl face onto the balloon.

Here I’ve included a diagram of how I designed my Hedwig that you can use as a guide.

Begin with two ovals for the eyes just above center. Then draw a diamond for the nose.

After you have this basic face, add embellishments to make it look more lifelike. Add dashes in half circles around the eyes and waves for feathers extending down. Add feet, and finish her up with little dots around her face.

The finished product can be seen below.

Now grab that paper clip! Attach it to the end of the balloon like so:map_balloon_1

Now the balloon can be easily clipped onto the finished card and it is ready to be delivered to a special witch or wizard!

I ended up blowing up a bunch of other balloons and centering Hedwig and the card among them. The effect was pretty cool! Next time I think I will make the other balloons owls too, in browns and gray. Maybe even a tiny little Pigwidgeon!

Let me know what you think in the comments below, especially if you try it out yourself!

Keep Crafting!

~ Mary

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