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diy Bridesmaid Box

This is a continuation of my last post, Glitter Bridesmaid Ornament.

I wanted to make something special to ask my best friends to be my bridesmaids. While I knew it’s probably a little cheesy to make a Bridesmaid Proposal box, I also thought that this is my WEDDING. I only get one of these in my life! It’s my time to be cheesy, and I was sure that they’d appreciate the thought and effort I put into it.

We ended up taking an impromptu photo shoot after I gave my friends the boxes, because they loved the thoughtfulness of the gift. It was great, and now I have an engagement shoot with my bridesmaids, which will surely be used in wedding prep.


So I went about researching and compiling a list of ideas. There are all kinds of things to put in a Bridesmaid Proposal box available on the internet. Here is my recipe for an amazing and thoughtful gift. Pick something from each category to add to the box. For a consistent look, choose items that have the same colour scheme as your wedding.

1) Something Personalized

Weddings are all about personalization! If you search for wedding gifts, most things are personalized with the wedding date, with people’s names or their position. Personalizing a gift makes it unique and more meaningful.

Since I got engaged around Christmas time, an ornament seemed like a perfect little gift! This way my bridesmaids can have something that they will put on their tree every year, and hopefully think of me. I personalized it with their title (ie. Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid, or Groomsmaid) and added the date to the back. For the tutorial, see Glitter Bridesmaid Ornament.

If I had gotten engaged at another time of the year, the ornament wouldn’t have worked. I’ve compiled a list of personalized items to make for your bridesmaids for those of you who didn’t have a Christmas engagement

  • Ornament – great for around Christmas time!
  • t-shirts / tank tops – buy plain shirts and use markers or fabric paint to write ‘bridesmaid’ across the front!
  • flip flops – great for a summer engagement!
  • silk robe – these you may have to order online, but if you are handy at embroidery you could try your hand on personalizing them yourself
  • picture frame – this would be very cute! Include a photo of you and the recipient in the frame, maybe write ‘bridesmaid’ on the frame or glue on painted wooden letters

2) Something to Wear

Giving your bridesmaids something to wear allows them to be reminded that they are your bridesmaid on a daily basis. Of course they aren’t going to wear it every day, but on days that they do decide to wear what you’ve given them, all day they will feel special and loved by you.

I gave my bridesmaids some nail polish in the colour of the wedding. They loved this, and insisted on painting their nails as soon as I gave it to them. Here is a list of other wearable ideas.

  • Nail polish – no girl can ever have enough nail polish
  • Jewelry – maybe some earrings or a necklace to wear to your wedding?
  • t-shirts / tank tops – buy plain shirts and use markers or fabric paint to write ‘bridesmaid’ across the front!
  • make up – again, if this matches the bridesmaid dresses, they could wear it to the wedding!

3) Something to eat

Mmmmmm, here you can just have fun. Doesn’t something sweet make everyone’s day a little better? You’ve just asked them to be your bridesmaid, so celebrate!


I gave my girls a ring pop (again in my wedding colour). The ring pops symbolizes my engagement, and allowed me to ‘pop the question’ to my friends. My full list of ideas is as follows:

  • Ring pop – makes for some cute photos (see above)
  • Little bottle of champagne – so you can CELEBRATE
  • Chocolate – I feel like this should be at the top of the list
  • Candy – either a favourite of yours, a favourite of theirs, or just one with a wrapper colour that matches your theme

4) Something from the Heart

A note, a sign, something in words to actually ask the question and tell them that you love them.

I made a little sign which I taped to the top of the box, which reads “[Insert name here], it’s my turn to pop the question… will you be my bridesmaid”.

I opted for this because they could instantly see the word “BRIDESMAID” in large writing. Alternative options could be

  • Sign taped to top of box – so they see the message right away
  • Folded note – if you have more sediments to say, a letter could be the way to go
  • Photos – a picture says a 1000 words, so why not include some of your favourite photographs together?

Now that you’ve selected your items, simply pick up a gift box from your local dollar store, and line it with tissue paper. Add in your items, wrap it with a bow, and you have a present that they will be sure to love!

Let me know what you put in your box in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more diy wedding ideas,

Keep Crafting,



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