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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Solution


As promised, here if the cleaning solution that I use for makeup brushes!

Since I discovered this solution, I love washing my brushes. The end result is just so satisfying. And, I admit it, using a newly cleaned makeup brush on my face in the morning is enough to spark a little bit of joy that is sure to seep into the rest of my day. That’s what life’s about right? Finding joy in the small things.

If you are like me and love the feel of a clean brush, but don’t want to dish out dollars for a brand-name solution, you are in luck my friend! I’ve got a super easy and convenient recipe for you.

This solution is great, it thoroughly cleans the brushes, leaving them as soft as if they were brand new. And best of all it’s made from ingredients I guarantee you’ll have at home. And it’s super easy to make, so let’s get right into it!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients


This makeup brush solution only uses three ingredients:

  • 1 tbsp dish soap
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 2 cups warm water
  • Optional: Essential Oils of your choice

See, I told you that you would have them all on hand! Except perhaps the essential oils, but those are totally optional. The essential oils are to remove the vinegar scent from your brushes, but if you aren’t picky (like me) you can just wait a few days and the scent will dissipate by itself.

Step 2: Mix It Up

MRY_0297 (2)

Simply toss everything in a measuring cup, and stir. You will be pouring the mixture out into the brush cleaner board, which is why a glass measuring cup is ideal for this step.

Step 3: Wash Those Brushes

Here I use my Frisbee Makeup Brush Cleaning Board, that I wrote about last week. If you don’t have a cleaning board, either make one (super easy to make, only need a plastic Frisbee and a hot glue gun) or just move your fingers through the bristles. This will have the same effect and will get those brushes clean in no time! To rinse, brush against your fingers or knuckles.

If you are using the Frisbee:

Pour the soapy mixture onto the concave up side of the board, and rub the brush along the bumps. The mixture will instantly get cloudy with all the makeup coming off the brush.

Flip the Frisbee over, and run water over the concave down side. Let the fresh water pour over the brush as you move it against the glue.

Once the brush is thoroughly rinsed, flip the cleaning board over, and start the process again. Repeat until the soapy water is no longer discoloured, and the brush is clean. I’ve never had to repeat more than twice, but if your brushes really need a clean, a third time certainly won’t do any harm.

Place the brushes on a dishcloth to dry.MRY_0343 (2)

Step 4: Admire the Results

When the brushes have dried, they are sure to be soft and clean, and ever-so pleasing. Enjoy!


That’s it for the brush cleaner solution! It really works wonders, so I hope that you give it a try. Let me know how you like it in the comments below!

Keep Crafting!


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