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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Board


I never knew how to properly clean my makeup brushes. Admittedly, I am very lazy with their cleaning, always being in a rush in the morning, and never wanting to take the time to rinse them after each use.

The result of this, is my brushes get very dirty very fast. I needed a way to clean them thoroughly, and make sure that I get all that gunk off!

I did some research on the topic. I discovered that most makeup brush cleaners look the same. They are pieces of plastic with various types of bumps, meant for cleaning different types of brushes. The general rule I found was use dots to wash face brushes, and lines to rinse. For eye brushes, use hatches to wash and waves to rinse. Use sparse bumps for cleaning and bumps in close proximity for rinsing. Seemed like such a good idea!

top-wash-eyes (2)

However, being the creative (and cheap) person that I am, I wasn’t about to pay for one of these when I was sure that I could make one for myself. I did some research, and sure enough, there is an easy and very cheap way to make one. The answer… Hot Glue!


I love hot glue guns. They can do so much and always come in handy. So I got excited and knew that I had to make one of these for myself, right away! Most of the examples I found online used a plastic clipboard to make the brush board. This seemed inefficient to me, as the soap would flow right off the board and down the drain. I wanted a board that would hold the soapy mixture for me while I washed the brush.

I had received a free mini Frisbee at a Canada Day celebration last year at my university. This poor unused Frisbee now presented itself as the perfect candidate for my brush cleaning board. Frisbees are concave, which is great for this use!

The ‘Wash Side’ is concave up and holds the soapy water while I scrub my brushes. On this side use the hot glue gun to make short straight lines, hatching over half of the disk. To do this, squeeze the glue gun lightly, and pull up hard. These lines are used to wash eye brushes. On the other half, cover the disk in large dots. To do this, hold the glue gun in one spot, causing the released glue to pool outwards. These dots are used to wash face brushes.

The ‘Rinse Side’ is concave down, perfect for rinsing! Fresh water is able to continuously  stream over the brush as you move it over the patterns. For this side cover half of the Frisbee is thick straight lines. Squeeze the trigger evenly, and move slowly to achieve this. These thick lines are used for rinsing face brushes. Cover the other half in waves of lines. To do this, use the same technique as for the straight lines. Try to line up the waves with each other so you can have more lines on the Frisbee. These waves are used for rinsing eye brushes.

Optional: I added a refining section on the edge of the rinse side. This is used while rinsing those delicate eye brushes, just as an extra rinsing tactic. To do this create rows of small dots close together. This is more tricky than the other sides, so be careful! Stop squeezing the trigger on the glue gun quickly after starting and allow the glue to fall. Quickly pull the gun away, ripping the string of glue that’s bound to still be connecting it to the board. Don’t worry about these strings on your board, they won’t affect the usefulness of the board at all.

And there you have it! An easy diy makeup brush cleaning board, for under a dollar! Can’t hope for much better than that. I’ve been using this board for about 6 months, and it’s still in perfect condition. I love it, and hope you will love yours too.

Next week I will post my Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaner Solution. I will include picture examples of brush cleaning with this board in that post, so stay tuned!

Keep Crafting!


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