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Glitter Bridesmaid Ornament

So… as you all know, I recently got engaged!

Although I called my bridesmaids as soon as I had the ring, I didn’t tell them right away that they were bridesmaids. I wanted to do that in person. I loved the idea of giving my bridesmaid’s something special to commemorate the occasion. Seeing as we got engaged at the end of November, it was the perfect opportunity to channel my Christmas spirit for the task!

I decided to make each of my bridesmaids a Christmas bulb in my wedding colours. This way they could have something every Christmas to remind them of how much I care about them. I love Christmas, so I was very excited for this particular project.

Step 0: Gather Supplies

To make these bulbs I used the following list of materials and supplies:

  • Protective Finish (I used Minwax Polycrylic)
  • Some kind of squeeze bottle, used to fill ornaments with the polycrylic
  • 1 clear bulb (can be found at your local craft store around Christmas time)
  • Fine Glitter in your choice of colour
  • Black permanent marker

Step One: Design the Ornament

First I sketched my design on some scrap paper. My design was fairly simple, however feel free to create something more elaborate. I opted to just write “Bridesmaid” or “Groomsmaid” or “Maid of Honour” (depending on the role), and then write the year “2017” on the back. I was tempted to write the year of the wedding, but seeing as we are unsure if we will get married in 2018 or 2019, it seemed safer to write the year that I asked them to be part of our wedding party.

Whatever your design is, use a permanent black marker to transfer it onto the ornament. This can be a little difficult because the ornament is both clear and curved, but go slowly and remember to buy a spare bulb in case big mistakes are made.

Step Two: Cover with Glitter

Next carefully add polycrylic to the squeeze bottle. I did this with minimum spills by just going for it, and tilting the can as gently as possible to allow some liquid to flow into the squeeze bottle. Some spills are inevitable, which is why I would recommend covering your work surface with newspaper. The good thing about polycrylic is that it cleans up easily with water, so spills are not detrimental.

Now we add the glitter to the bulbs. Proceed with the following instructions one at a time, not moving onto the next bulb until the one you are working on has been entirely covered with glitter.

  1. Fill up the bulb a quarter with polycrylic. We need to make sure the polycrylic touches everywhere on the bulb, so press your thumb onto the opening, and turn the bulb all around, making sure every spot if covered.
  2. Next pour the remaining polycrylic back into the squeeze bottle. Get as much out as you can, you do not want excess polycrylic in the bulb, a light coating will be sufficient.
  3. Carefully pour some glitter into the bulb. Cover the opening with your thumb again, and shake the bulb to move the glitter around. Continue adding glitter and shaking the ornament until the glitter no longer sticks to the sides. Pour out remaining glitter onto a piece of paper, to be reused with the next ornament.
  4. Set aside to dry.

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Once completely dry replace the cap on the ornaments. Add a hook to the end and the ornament is complete! I opted to create a hook out of velvet ribbon, cutting a small piece, looping it through the ornament, and sewing it closed. It adds a classy touch to the bulb, but is a completely optional step.

And that’s it! So simple and yet they turned out fantastic. My bridesmaids thought I had purchased the ornaments. And the glitter will never wear off since it’s on the inside of the bulb!

I’ll make another post soon showing the rest of the ‘Bridesmaid Proposal Box’ so remember to subscribe to get email updates!

Keep Crafting!

~ Mary



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