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Marauder’s Map: Part II

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all excited for Halloween, only one week away!

As promised, here is my blog post on how I designed the inside of the Marauder’s Map Birthday Card. In the Harry Potter books, the Marauder’s Map shows Harry the location of every person inside Hogwarts. It’s a pretty useful tool! The filmmakers decided to illustrate this using tiny ink footsteps that magically appear and disappear as someone in the castle moves.

Seeing as I spent so much time on the outside of the card, I knew that I wanted the inside to be just as impressive. It may not look like much, but there was a lot of thought put into this design!

Step 0: Gather Materials

To complete the inside of the card, you will need:

  • pencil / eraser
  • black marker (I used a black Sharpie)
  • 1 old playing card (or cereal box)
  • Exacto knife

Step 1: Design Your Footprint

Using a pencil or a pen, draw an outline of a footprint on the playing card. I did a quick google search for “marauders map footprints” and all sorts of examples came up. Pick an image you like as a guide, or do it freestyle! The important thing for this is that all of the footprints match.

Once you are happy with your sketch, carefully cut out the footprint using an Exacto knife. Please be safe while doing this! Cut on a cutting mat or cutting board so as not to damage any furniture.

Once this is done, you will have a reusable stencil (I kept mine, in case I ever need to draw awesome footprints again).

Step 2: Arrange the Footprints

Place your stencil on the bottom of the card, and lightly trace it in pencil. Then flip the stencil over and trace another footprint on the other side, making sure that you move the stencil up almost the length of the footprint, but not quite.

Continue in this manner to create a path around the inside of the card.

I opted for a simple curved path, but you could experiment with multiple paths of footprints on the card, or even a circle winding its way across the page.

Step 3: Colour the Footprints

Finally grab the black marker and carefully trace each footprint. Colour in the inside to complete the effect.

A word of caution here: If your footprints go onto the two outer flaps be careful. The black marker can seep through the paper, and ruin the design on the other side. I kept my footprints in the middle to be safe, but if you have a black marker that will not bleed through, by all means, extend the footprints to the outer edges!

Now there is a perfect spot for a heartfelt greeting, and the card is complete.

That’s it for the inside of the Marauder’s Map card! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Keep Crafting!!

~ Mary

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