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Spiderman Birthday Card


As you’ve probably gathered from my previous posts, I am a big fan of making homemade cards. The reason behind this is simple: I love receiving homemade cards. When I am given a homemade card, I am always overcome with sentiment. The fact that someone took time out of their day to physically make me a card is priceless. I believe the time that goes into gift giving is more important than the money, as time is something everyone holds dearly.

So when my brother Ian turned 17 last month, I knew I had to take time out of my day to make him a card, and hopefully bring that wonderful feeling of receiving a handmade card to him.

Ian’s birthday happened to be just after the new Spider-man movie was released in theatres. He has been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie, and was planning on seeing it the first weekend that it was out. Seeing as Ian has been talking about this movie whenever he got the chance for the last six months, a Spider-man card seemed the right way to go.

But enough back story, onto the card tutorial!

Step One: Gather Supplies

For this card I used the following:

  • 3 pages of (6″ x 9″) construction paper (in black, white, and red)
  • 1 page of card stock (any colour, I used beige)
  • Black marker
  • Scissors and glue

I already had all of this around the house, and hopefully you will too! This card is quick and easy to make, perfect for both the young and the young at heart (honestly I don’t know which of those categories my brother fits into, he’s a little bit of both).

Step Two: Draw the Web

Using a black marker, make a dot on the upper side of the red sheet of construction paper. This will be the centre of the web. Draw curved lines out from the dot in every direction, as in the picture below. This will divide the page into sections of the web.

Next move around the web, drawing curved horizontal lines between the sections, to create a web effect (see picture below). Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it. In fact the web will look more realistic if the lines do not perfectly line up, and are not perfectly straight across. Space them out in various ways, and make some of them slanted for a realistic effect.


Step Three: Create the Eyes

Next draw the outline of a Spider-man eye on the white construction paper (see picture below). Cut this out, trace it again on the white paper, and cut out the second eye.

Now glue one eye onto the black construction paper. Carefully cut around it, leaving a border of about a centimetre on each side. Again, trace this eye onto the black construction paper, and cut it out. Glue the second white eye to the black one, being careful to attach it on the opposite side of the completed eye (ie. make sure both eyes are not facing the same direction).


Step Four: Put it all Together

The rest is really rather easy. Fold the card stock in half, and glue the red construction paper to the front of the card. Then glue both eyes to the web, slightly above the halfway point.


And that’s it! Write a heartfelt message on the inside to your favourite superhero, and make sure you enjoy their reaction when they open it.

Keep Crafting,

~ Mary


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