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3D Spiderman Art

My little brother recently had his 17th birthday. His birthday happened to be right around the time when the new Spiderman movie was released into theatres. Being a big Marvel fan, Ian has been talking about this movie since it was announced, and has never failed to give me an update on the film’s progress (even though I didn’t ask for it).

He eagerly anticipated going to see the movie for his birthday, so I thought I’d make him something to remember it by. I made this Spiderman logo wall art, which he affectionately has on his bedroom wall. It goes great with the other super hero posters and memorabilia that he has collected.

Step 0: Gather Materials:

For this project you will need:

  • 1 stretched canvas
  • Acrylic Paint (in Blue, Red, Black, and Silver)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pencil / Eraser

Step 1: Sketch a Web 

To begin, draw a vertical line down the center of the canvas.

Draw two curves lines on either side, dividing the canvas into 6 vertical sections. Have these lines bulge outward (away from the center) halfway down the canvas.

Make little sections of web by connecting the vertical lines with looped horizontal lines, almost like waves going across the page. The waves should begin about an inch apart. That distance should increase toward the center of the canvas, and begin to get closer again toward the bottom of the canvas. This gives the impression that the center of the canvas is slightly bulging out, which is perfect as it will give a realistic effect to Spiderman’s chest.


Step 2: Make it 3D

Trace over the lines you drew in Step 1 with a hot glue gun. Move slowly to avoid leaving strings behind your work.

Make sure your lines of glue extend down the sides of the canvas for a finished look.


Step 3: Paint the Base

Apply blue paint to the bottom corners of the canvas, working your way up until the entire side is covered. Extend the blue towards the centre, about a third of the way across the canvas at the bottom, but only a brush stroke’s width at the top (See picture below for illustration).

Now apply red paint to the centre, filling in all of the white canvas. Extend the red about an inch into the blue on all sides.

Step 4: Embellish the Web

With silver paint and a fine paint brush, carefully trace over the glue. Two coats may be needed to achieve a consistent look.


Step 5: Add the Spider Logo

Now this part can be tricky. Sketch out a spider centered on the canvas, lightly in pencil. Make sure to press lightly, so any mistakes can be erased. Once you are happy with your spider, mix silver paint and a tiny bit of black paint to achieve a shiny dark grey.

Use this grey to paint in the spider.


Step 6: Finished!

There you have it! A finished Spiderman logo canvas, perfect for any superhero’s lair. Ian absolutely loved it, and I hope that the Spiderman fan in your life does too!

Keep Crafting,

~ Mary


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